Baby Banz

​​Baby Banz sunglasses are the leading brand of infant eye protection. Their popularity is based on good wraparound design, high quality polycarbonate frame and lenses and the patented elasticated neoprene strap to hold the glasses in place.
Baby Banz sunglasses are designed in Australia and suitable for ages 0-2 years Baby Banz or for a head circumference of 43 - 52 cm Kids Banz.
The design of the polycarbonate frames on Baby Banz sunglasses allows for a close fit to the baby's face with minimal or no UV leakage from the sides.
The patented strap ensures that the Baby Banz fit comfortably and securely with no breakable hinges or arms.
The lenses on Baby Banz sunglasses have a UV400/ category 3 filter which eliminates 99.5% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB radiation.
The Australian Cancer Council sells Baby Banz and recommends that infants' eyes be protected from the sun's harmful UV rays.
Baby Banz are fully compliant with EU sunglasses standard BSEN 1836:1997 and they carry the CE mark.