Philips One Blade Electric Groomer QP2520/20
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Philips OneBlade only cuts hair, not the skin!

Philips OneBlade
is a revolutionary new technology developed for men with beard and various beard styles who can trim, shave and style hair of any length. The dual protection system - a slip coating and rounded tips - makes shaving easier. At the same time, the OneBlade has a fast shearing blade (200 times per second). This unique combination gives you a shave that is both thorough and gentle - even on longer hair.


Trim your beard to a perfect three-day beard with one of the 3 trimmer attachments. 1 mm for a light stubble beard, 3 mm for a medium-length three-day beard and 5 mm for a longer three-day beard.

Use the two-sided blade for precise lines in your style. You can shave in any direction for the best visibility and to keep an eye on every single hair you want to cut. The shave is pleasant even on sensitive skin, so you can style your beard quickly and easily in a few seconds.


OneBlade does not cut as close to the skin as traditional blades, leaving it intact. Guide the razor against the hair growth direction and effortlessly shave any beard hair length.

OneBlade follows the contours of the face so you can trim, style and shave any area of ​​your face in an effective and enjoyable way.

3 attachable trimmer attachments (1, 3 and 5 mm) for a uniform three-day beard

The blades are designed specifically for long-lasting performance. For optimum performance, you need to replace each blade only every 4 months *. The exchange is easy and effortless.

OneBlade is waterproof and therefore easy to clean: simply rinse under running water. You can also shave at will with or without foam.

The rechargeable battery provides 45 minutes of consistent power after 8 hours of charging.

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